About KZN e-Skills CoLab

The KZN e-Skills CoLab was established in 2011 at Durban University of Technology (DUT).

DUT has an entrenched commitment to fulfil its mandate of “A preferred university for developing leadership in technology and productive citizenship”. DUT is further committed to recognise the context that it exists in. One dire need is to redress the digital divide. The e-Skills mandate fits hand-in-glove to allow the KZN e-Skills CoLab and DUT to fulfil this important gap.

The KZN e-Skills CoLab aims to become a vibrant, committed and reputable e-skills champion in the region. As a resourceful driver of the uptake and infusion of e-skills in KwaZulu-Natal, the KZN e-Skills CoLab will commit to society, focus on people, pursue quality education, research and innovation. It will do this by proactively conducting research to add to the knowledge base of e-skills, building relationships with relevant stakeholders for the promotion of e-skills and develop tangible solutions for gaps and opportunities that exist. In doing so, the KZN e-Skills CoLab aims to increase the reach of e-skills in the province by thinking creatively beyond the physical restraints of the institution. In particular, it will work at developing regional capacity to cultivate new solutions to e-skill the broader population in order to meet the goals set out in the National Development Plan.


Areas of focus

Skills development, research, and advocacy in ICT & Electronics.

  • To build and sustain digital skills in Kwa-Zulu Natal in the academic, public, and societal sectors;
  • To promote e-leadership through engagements in e-participation with seminars, talks, training, media interviews and writing
  • To develop a e-learning platform to support training programms
  • To contribute to the knowledge base in the ICT sector through research and become a center of digital excellence
  • Strengthening and expanding the partnership with relevant regional and national and international stakeholders.


Our Contributions
  • Conducted the first e-voting study of in Africa (IEC). Contributing researcher for UNDP
  • Support African countries in Electoral Practices
  • Contribute to the knowledge base of e-Governance research
  • Implement training programmes targeted at government, municipalities to enhance service delivery in SA
  • E-literacy training across KZN targeted at unemployed youth, PWDs, and Women to enhance their E-Skills capabilities and make them more employable. This in turn will contribute to socio economic development.
  • Training focused on SMME development



KZN e-Skills CoLab aims to close an e-skills gap in KZN and to prepare the nation for the 4IR.



We want to prepare the nation for the 4IR and build e-skilled communities through research, trainings, meaningful collaborations and strong partnerships.



KZN e-Skills CoLab’s ultimate goal is to be the leader in ICT education and research in Africa.





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