Grade 11 / Grade 12 Students: Should you wish to apply for the scholarship grant, you are requested to complete the online scholarship grant form – LINK HERE.
Note: Only a student who has obtained an “A” or “B” aggregate is eligible for the award.

Role and Function

Our core function as the Student Recruitment Department is to inform prospective students of the study opportunities available at our university and the careers that are associated with these programmes. Planning a successful career at DUT doesn’t have to be a vague dream, we help prospective students make it a reality.

In this regard we provide all the relevant information regarding the entrance requirements, duration per programme, etc. In executing our function as the student recruitment department, we showcase our university as a first choice tertiary institution in South Africa and a leading university of technology in Africa.

In meeting these challenges we partnership with the relevant academic departments on various projects and exhibitions that we attend. The prospective student is given first hand knowledge directly by the expert from the academic department. The experts normally set up relevant displays and artifacts relating to their programme of study. This approach is backed up by the printed material that we disseminate, together with application forms and enquiry cards.

The information from the enquiry cards is to be used to update a database of all learners that we come into contact, from grade nine to grade 12. Our plan is to operate a “Friends of DUT Club” with the information from the database. The terms and reference of this club is to be formulated by a committee.

Our mission is to ensure that we convince prospective students to make the right career choice by selecting DUT.

Finally, we are living in exciting times and the career opportunities that lie ahead are mind boggling. As the saying goes “If we go to life’s fountain with a teaspoon instead of a barrel we are not drawing on our reserves of strength, imagination, vision, insight and creativity. We are not utilizing our own special abilities, skills and talents.”

The Services Provided by Student Recruitment

  1. Co-ordinate Open Days together with other stakeholders
  2. Co-ordinate and host Principal/Guidance Counsellor seminars
  3. Together with other stakeholders, attend career fairs, exhibitions, career evenings, etc. School visits
  4. Maintain a database of the students with whom we liaise
  5. Arrange Campus Visits
  6. Liaise/meetings with School Counsellor
  7. Disseminate marketing information to schools and other interested parties.

Request a school visit

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Student Course Brochure

How do we service our stakeholders?

  1. By contacting the Manager and Officers
  2. By the existing partnership between Schools and Liaison Officers
  3. Invitations from schools
  4. By request for appointments
  5. Referrals
  6. Close working relationship with Department of Education and District Representatives.

Lansdell Building
Ground Floor (South Wing)
Gate 4, Steve Biko Road (formerly Mansfield Road)
Steve Biko Campus

Contact Details:

default-avatar-e1448374196642 Manager, Mr Alex M Mdletshe
Tel: 031 373 2590
Fax to email: 086 674 0157
Campus: Steve Biko Campus

Nishi Nishi Ramrathan
Tel: 031 373 2242
Location: Lansdale, Ground Floor
Campus: Steve Biko Campus

default-avatar-e1448374196642 Tex Peters
Tel: 031 373 2937
Location: Lansdale, Ground Floor
Campus: Steve Biko Campus

Micheal Zulu Michael Zulu
Tel: 031 373 2763
Location: Lansdale, Ground Floor
Campus: Steve Biko Campus