About Food Bio-innovations

fbi-logoFood Bio-Innovations (FB-I) is a Consultancy Unit at the Durban Univeristy of Technology (DUT), focusing on providing solutions for industrial problems and product development n the Food Technology and Biotechnology sectors.

fbi1 Prof Suren Singh
“We intend to fulfill our expectations by offering a high quality 24/7 service.”
CEO, Suren Singh

Contact Us

Sohana Ranglal
Administrative Assistant
Food Bio-Innovations

Telephone: 031 373 6769

Email: fbi@dut.ac.za

Food Bio-Innovations
Durban University of Technology
P O Box 1334
Durban 4000


Prof Suren Singh CEO: FB-I singhs@dut.ac.za 031 373 2720
Mr Vee Dirajh Senior Food Consultant veed@dut.ac.za 031 373 5309
Dr Viresh Mohanlall Senior Technical Analyst vireshm@dut.ac.za 031 373 5426
Ms Kameshnee Naidoo Technical Analyst kameshneen@dut.ac.za 031 373 5325
Dr Santhosh Pillai Senior Consultant santhoshk@dut.ac.za 031 373 5329
Mr Prenaven Reddy Senior Consultant prenavenr@dut.ac.za

Technical Services

FB-I aids industrial partners, educators and researchers in their endeavors.

Services offered:

  • Water Testing
  • Microbiological Analysis
  • Food Pathogen Testing/Identify
  • Thermal Validation
  • Sudan Red Testing
  • Melamine Testing
  • Heavy Metal Analyses
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Process Validation
  • Antimicrobial Testing of Detergent/Disinfectant
  • Product Development and formulation
  • Pesticides Residues