Department of Entrepreneurial Studies

The Department of Entrepreneurial Studies at the Durban University of Technology strives to provide a quality educative experience including innovative curriculum development and teaching excellence, taking into consideration the needs of all learners by providing an environment that encourages and rewards excellence, appropriate market research, the identification of small business opportunities, and support and mentorship of small business development.
To achieve this, the department seeks to fulfill the following:

  • promote the intellectual, emotional, social and technological capacities of educators and learners so that they realise their highest potential as lifelong learners and researchers, managers and leaders in industry.
  • actively engage with communities for the exchange of relevant expertise and capacities which will expose learners to the business environment and develop integrated learning opportunities relevant to the needs of industry.
  • actively pursue new knowledge by research, conference attendance and meetings with industry.
  • actively promote the department in conjunction with the other institutions of higher learning as a regional centre of excellence with respect to entrepreneurship and small business management.

The Department of Management actively promotes the department in conjunction with the university as a regional centre of excellence with respect to Management studies and service industries. The Department is dedicated to : equipping the students with study skills and abilities for long term learning and to develop their leadership capacity, actively pursuing new knowledge by research, conference attendance and meetings with commerce and industry, which would update the appropriate courses of the programme and To encourage graduates to engage in management research.

Our dedication further focuses on: advancement in the use of new technologies and knowledge by encouraging the students to apply the skills developed by the programme, to continually encourage both students and staff to use and apply the new technologies and knowledge to organizations, to actively promote the Department in conjunction with the University as a regional centre of excellence with respect to management studies, to utilize the latest technological means of communication to disseminate knowledge of both students and industry.

The Management Department has the role of providing education in management theory and techniques. The primary qualifications offered are National Diploma: Management and Bachelor of Technology: Business Administration. Our intention is to develop students to be able to manage both people and work in any type of organization. This qualification is intended for middle managers within any business environment. Persons achieving this qualification will be competent in applying management strategies and tools, systems and techniques, in a wide variety of profit and non-profit organisations.


Centre For Social Entrepreneurship



Igniting social entrepreneurship using innovative strategies in order to address socio-economic challenges and create a fair and just society.



To commit to developing and promoting sustainable social entrepreneurship through mentorship and strategic partnerships with Industry, Government, Community and Educational Institutions.



  1. Developing social entrepreneurship within communities through mentorship and other innovative strategies.
  2. Developing social entrepreneurship at the University through student engagement, partnerships with relevant stakeholders and research.
  3. Developing a curriculum for social entrepreneurship at the University to promote social entrepreneurship as a means of addressing social challenges and creating a fair and just society.

The Centre for Social Entrepreneurship (CSE) was established at Durban University of Technology (DUT) in July 2015 in partnership with the National Department of Small Business Development (DSBD). Seda has been mandated to monitor and evaluate the progress of CSE’