This Design Studio Client Brief Form is designed to capture the expectation of our client such that Design Studio (DS): Division of Corporate Affairs is able to produce print/product ready document/s accurately.

alan_khanMr Alan Khan – Senior Director, Division of Corporate Affairs

The DUT Corporate Brand Manual and Principles and Guidelines is intended to provide guidelines in the application of the DUT brand. Corporate branding defines who we are as an institution. It defines our vision, mission and our core values.

The corporate identity of any organization is captured in its logo, typeface and positioning statement.

The importance of the consistent use of these elements on all DUT communication material namely letter heads, advertisements, websites, publications, posters, memorabilia, power-point presentations signals a strong and clear identity. It defines a professional and cohesive identity.

The Brand Manual and Principles and Guidelines sets out the official application of the use of the elements and colours of the DUT’s Corporate Signature. The manual informs the University of the standards or benchmarks for multidimensional application and specifications for the style of the DUT Corporate Signature.

The Division of Corporate Affairs, as the custodian of the DUT brand, is available to consult to all members of the University community and external stakeholders on the application of the logo. The University will not support any deviation from the options stated in the manual. The DUT logo is a registered trademark and as such should be respected and used in line with these guidelines.

The Division of Corporate Affairs looks forward to your continued support and trust that you will adhere to the rules and guidelines governing the application of the University’s corporate identity.