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The Student Housing and Residence Life Unit is dynamic in its approach, to respond to the needs of students and ensures a smooth and enabling Living and Learning environment. The three segments of the Unit, namely; Residence – Life, Finance and Administration, works collaboratively to achieve this. The Unit contributes greatly on the early experiences, integration, and adaption of students to our campuses. We thus significantly pay much focus on the student cycle. The living and learning initiatives exist to enhance the academic and social success of residence students.

Student Housing and Residence Life strives to create a living and learning environment as the foundation of its residence culture. Whilst the culture of living and learning is dynamic in its nature. Every effort is made to ensure that students’ residence life experience will foster their holistic development as well as being fully supportive of their academic programme. The holistic student development initiative within the unit is embedded mainly as student learning centres, social and sporting activities, life-skills and peer-tutoring programme (Residence Educational programme).

The Unit strives to ensure the following:

  1. To pivot a smooth transition for the living and learning communities to provide blended support to residence students.
  2. Provide academic and psycho-social support through peer-to-peer initiatives to position students as co-creators and collaborators in their own residence and campus experience.
  3. To contribute to the retention, development and success of students through the co-curricular activities and active engagement.

 We are intentionally creating spaces for students to engage in critical dialogues and debates to advance themselves and their communities in ways that are embedded on strong values and principles.

Student Housing Capacity

Number of students accommodated in University owned (bed capacity), Leased residences (bed capacity) and Private accommodation

  • DUT Owned Beds               2253
  • Leased Residences             16035
  • Private Accommodation    2365


Number of residences across the campuses, leased residences

  • DUT Owned Durban             7
  • Leased Durban                      65
  • DUT Owned PMB                  5
  • Leased residence                  52

Application To Provide Accredited off Campus Accommodation

If you are a private property owner wishing to become accredited to provide off campus Student Accommodation, please download the following pdf, and follow the prescribed guidelines:
Guidelines for Student Accommodation Accreditation Annexure 3


NB: The provision of private accommodation is not guaranteed upfront; it comes into operation only when all in-source and leased residences are fully occupied. In other words, private accommodation is considered as an option when all available in-source (internally provided) and leased residences have been assigned to occupants. This approach ensures that all existing accommodation options are utilized before resorting to private accommodation.

Contact Information


Manager (Durban): Mr Reginald P. Mnyango
Tel: 031 373 2212


Manager (Midlands): Mrs Celiwe F Chemane-Nyathi
Tel: 031 373 6059


NB: All queries for Durban residences should be directed to Student Housing Reception on the telephone number below or e-mail: For First year students 0313732185/6337/2217

 All queries for Midlands residences should be directed to Student Housing Reception on the telephone number below or e-mail:  For First year Students  ; 0313736059/5453