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Welcome to the Durban University of Technology, Inyuvesi yase Thekwini yezobuchwepheshe

At Durban University of Technology (DUT), the Dean of Students leads the Student services sector in co-creating an enabling and enhancing campus and academic experience with students. With an orchestra of five dynamic units including, Student Counselling and Health, Student Financial Aid, Sports Administration, Student Housing and Residence Life and Student Governance and Development, we employ a holistic approach( understanding students as a whole) in supporting and developing students towards their own success.

Unveiling Our Vision and Mission: With a profound vision in mind, the Dean champions the creation of an ecosystem that elevates student-life to new heights. We nurture vibrant student-life through ingenious projects and transformative programs, leaving a lasting impact on every student’s journey.

Embracing a (w)holistic Approach: In this symphony of support, we believe in holistic growth. As students engage in our myriad of Clubs and Societies, they embark on a journey that fuses learning and living. Our residences aren’t just places to stay; they are environments where the Living, Learning and Listening principles intertwine, producing graduates poised for success.

Extending a Helping Hand: Sikusekele – We Got You! With the mantra “Sikusekele,” resonating as “We Got You,” we have erected pillars of support that echo this sentiment. Through our Food Security Forum, epitomized by initiatives like Phakimpilo, we combat food insecurity, ensuring no student goes hungry. The VUNA Leadership Academy empowers students with skills that transcend the classroom, while our Counselling and Health unit prioritizes mental wellness.

Empowering Change: Students as Architects of Impact. DUT doesn’t just educate; it transforms lives. Projects like “One Residence One Garden” (ROG) and the Green Campus Initiatives (GCI) put students at the centre of finding sustainable solutions to societal and environmental challenges. From championing food security to revitalizing our campuses, our students are stewards of change, ensuring a sustainable future.

The Symphony of Engagement: Crafting Tomorrow’s Leaders. The Dean’s realm is not confined to academic realms. By orchestrating seamless operations within Student Services, the Dean crafts an environment where students are active participants. This ethos aligns DUT with society’s pulse, producing graduates who are not just prepared for the world, but who shape it.

Join us as we script stories of growth, resilience, and empowerment. At DUT, student life is a canvas of possibilities, painted with the brushstrokes of holistic support, vibrant initiatives, and an unwavering commitment to shaping a brighter future.


Contact Information

Bongani P. Yengwa



Dean of Students: Dr Clement Moreku
Qualifications: PHD (CUT); MA (UniSA); LLB (UniSA); BA Hons (UCT)
Tel: 031 373 3025






PA Dean Office: Ms Thulile Nonhlahla Duma
Qualifications: ND: Business Admin(DUT); Btech: B.Admin(DUT); PGD: Industrial relations(Labour Law)(UKZN); MBA-(Mancosa)
Tel: 031 373 3025/2114