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As part of its ENVISION2030 strategy, the Durban University of Technology (DUT) aspires to produce adaptive graduates that will participate productively in the development of our region, country and the world.  Mnqobi Ngobese, DUT Communications’ editorial team member, recently engaged with the DUT Rugby Team’s captain and winger, Loyiso Nkosenhle Sibaca to share her student experience through sports and academics and how she lives the DUT Living Values.

Name.               :Loyiso Nkosenhle ’Dali Wonga’ Sibaca

Place of birth.  :Kwa-Thema, Springs, Gauteng

Sport code        :Rugby

Position.          :Centre and Wing

Qualification.  :ICT: Application Development

Q:  When did you join the DUT sport team?

A: “I joined in 2023.”

Q: What sparked your interest in this type of sport?

A: “I started playing rugby in 2017 when the local traditional leader at my school ordered me to join the school team or else I would get punished, after one practice I fell in love with the sport.”

Q: In terms of the position you play, elaborate what it entails and how it benefits the team?

A: “The positions I play are inside and outside centre, left and right wing (12, 13,14) centres which are mainly the secondary playmakers in the team next to the primary playmaker which is the flyhalf and the front line defence. They add creativity and consistency to the team to be able to break lines and gain as much metres as possible. Wings are the speedsters who score tries and make use of any space opener for them by the rest of the team.”

Q: Which other sport codes are you interested in and why?

A: “The sports I am currently still interested in are kickboxing, karate, MMA, cricket and athletics (100 metre relay, 200 metre and discus).”

Q: What is the biggest tournament you have participated in?

A: “I have participated in the St. Johns Easter Festival and the USSA 2023 as well as the Klerksdorp 7.”

Q: Why is it vital for DUT to develop students in sports?

A: “When we step into the field we are not stepping into the field as Nkosenhle or any of our names, we are stepping onto the field as DUT athletes. When we perform at our best the school will receive the credit and attract sponsors and quality players, so if the school provides us with what we need to succeed they will reap the rewards of the hard work they put into us.”

Q: Who is your sport role model and why?

A: “The best centre of all time is Brian O’Driscoll, simply because he made the impossible look easy which is what I strive to try and make happen on the field.”

Q: Which ENVISION2030 Living Values and Principles do you associate with and why?

A: “Integrity and respect, I chose integrity because I was raised with the saying that a man with no moral principles is a man who is lost, and respect because it’s not something that is given but always earned, a man must earn everything he has in life.”

Q: Do you see a future in rugby ?

A: “Yes, just like any other athlete I do wish to go further with this sport and see how far it can take me.”

Q: As a DUT sport star, how does your role benefit your community?

A: “My time at DUT has helped me find a voice I never knew I had, a voice that I use to motivate the youth in my community at home, explaining to them that there are better options than hustling after high school, and that there is more than one key to success. I was also asked to mentor some of the youth in my community and be part of the off-season coaching staff for the U19s local team and share the knowledge I had gained from playing for DUT.”

Q: What impact has sport made on your life?

A: “Honestly, it has kept my mental health in check as life and academics can get overwhelming at times; it gave me an opportunity to step away from reality and just be in a space where I feel like I can do anything.”

Q: Can you suggest some ideas to attract spectators to varsity sport?

A: “Transporting spectators will allow people to come and watch certain sport and consider joining or spreading the word about it; as many people in DUT don’t recognise half of the athletes at school due to no marketing for the players.”

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