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In a bid to foster international collaboration and exchange of knowledge, the Faculty of Accounting and Informatics at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) recently played host to esteemed guests from Navigo, Italy together with their South Africa partners Ziziba Holdings. The visit, marked by a series of insightful engagements, held promises of forging new paths in academia and industry.

NAVIGO is one of the largest networks of nautical companies in Europe consisting of over 230 companies in Tuscany, Sardinia, and Malta. NAVIGO manages a regional district in Italy with approximately 300 global members affiliated to it. The regional district comprises of five pillars that make it a backbone of economic development and employment creation in the area: Port and Marina, New Build Shipyard, Refit and Repair Shipyard, Outsourcing Supply Chain, Yacht Management and Services. NAVIGO is growing its global footprint and has identified South Africa as one of three destinations to prioritise for investment within the African continent.

In attendance was the Deputy Dean: Professor Matthys Swanepoel, Head of Departments: Professor Ferina Marimuthu, Dr Smangele Moyane, Dr Zweli Nzuza, Dr Ayanda Msweli, Navigo guests: Mr Andea Paulgross, Mr Grazio Basile, Mr. Khaled Sedrak, Mr Hashim Mandour, Kareem El Sabaa, Ziziba Holdings: Mr Skhumbuzo Sithole and Mr Thabo Molubi, Mrs B Masuku

Doing the official welcome was Prof Swanepoel, the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Accounting and Informatics. He set the tone for what would be a day filled with learning and collaboration. Accompanying him was Mr Brian Ngiba, the organiser of the event who eloquently articulated the purpose behind Navigo’s visit, emphasising the mutual benefits of such exchanges.

Following the welcoming address, the guests were treated to a tour of the faculty’s world-class laboratories. This first-hand experience provided a glimpse into the cutting-edge research and technological advancements driving academic excellence at the institution.

One of the highlights of the day was a presentation by the Department of Maritime, led by Mrs Masuku, the former Head of the Department. Her presentation showcased the department’s expertise and its significant contributions to the maritime industry.

Building upon this foundation, the Navigo delegations took to the stage to share insights from their own experiences and expertise. Their presentation offered valuable perspectives on Navigo, providing a broader understanding of global industry landscapes.

“This collaboration between Navigo and DUT is poised to create numerous opportunities for DUT students, we are eagerly anticipating the collaboration we will cultivate with DUT, bringing even more opportunities to fruition for DUT students,” added the Navigo delegation.

Prof Marimuthu, the Head of Department (Financial Accounting), delivered the vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to the Navigo delegations for their valuable contributions. Her words underscored the significance of collaboration in driving innovation and advancing knowledge.

The visit from Navigo, Italy, marked a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to foster international partnerships and collaboration. It served as a reminder of the transformative power of sharing ideas and expertise across borders, laying the groundwork for future collaborations that promise to enrich both academia and industry.

Pictured: The Navigo and DUT delegation.

Siphokazi Dlamini

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