Dutasteride Results

Dutasteride Results
These are the results of the GlaxoSmithKline testing of GI198745 otherwise known as Dutasteride for hair loss. These results were taken from the Phase II study required for FDA approval. The Phase III trials for hair loss are scheduled to begin in February/March of 2003 in the US. The drug is expected to be on the market for hair loss in 2006 if approved.
Before Dutasteride After Dutasteride
This graph shows that after six month of treatment, the hair counts measured in a 1 inch diameter circle increased by about ~96 hairs with 0.5mg Dutasteride, compared to about ~72 hairs with 5mg Finasteride. The hair counts increased significantly with an increase in dosage with the biggest gain being ~108 hairs with a dose of 2.5mg Dutasteride.

So compared to 5mg Finasteride (Proscar), 2.5 mg Dutasteride grew about 1.5 times as many hairs.